Image Communication
on Short Waves

Free ham radio handbook for SSTV, WEFAX and digital SSTV.

About the author

Martin "BruXy" Bruchanov, VE1/OK2MNM became an image communication enthusiast since he got his hamradio licence in 1995. First he was receiving weather facsimile charts with his Yeasu FT-767DX and Kantronics KAM+. Later he realised, that there is also the hamradio image traffic called SSTV and he has built a simple Hamcomm modem and with DOS program called JVFAX he received his first slanted picture in Martin M1 mode...

Now, Martin is living in Halifax, the capital of province Nova Scotia, Canada, working at Analyze Re and besides his interest hamradio, he is also interested in programming, GNU/Linux, weather satellite reception and many more. More of this topic, you can find on his homepage.

Martin's 8 sec. live transmission, pictures grabbed with FSTV/SSTV converter Superscan 2001 :)