Image Communication
on Short Waves

Free ham radio handbook for SSTV, WEFAX and digital SSTV.

Welcome to the SSTV handbook page

I'd like to introduce the e-book for ham radio operators and radio listeners interested in special communication modes for image transmission – SSTV, radio facsimile (WEFAX) and digital SSTV (HamDRM).

The original e-book was written in Czech and I decided to prepare the English translation by myself. So, here it is, the first draft. The translation is almost done, but it needs a revision, see changelog and TODOs. You are welcome to participate on proofreading, give feedbacks or information updates.

I decided to make the book available for free downloading. It is the best way to spread the book among interested readers. I believe that the traditional distribution model where the author sells the rights to a publisher and the publisher makes prints an sells the book is almost obsolete nowadays. As the author I can prepare the text, images, typography layout by myself and it is also very easy to a create distribution channel – this web page.

If you find the book useful and want to support the author, you can send donations via PayPal. Thank you.

VY 73!
Martin OK2MNM

Please offer
I'm looking for following devices into my collection of technical art:
  • Sinclair ZX-80, Sinclair ZX-81,
  • Robot 1200C, LM-9000 with Martin Emmerson EPROM,
  • Amiga Video Transceiver interface and software,
  • Amiga and ISA card frame grabbers,
  • Pasokon TV software and ISA card,
  • Viewport VGA,
  • ISA card with 8255 and software for Robot interfacing,
  • ISA Adlib sound card,
  • Computer Sam Coupé,
  • Wraase SSTV/FSTV convertors,
  • Robot 70A, Robot Research SSTV and RTTY devices,
...and maybe something else related to SSTV and old computers. Please do not throw it to the bin, let me restore and archive them for the future!

My email is: bruchy at or use the form in Feedback.


Printable Image Communication on Short Waves PDF (17620.9 kB) 2019–Nov–25

Chapter 1 Preface PDF (42.6 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 2 Slow-scan television PDF (106.6 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 3 Modern SSTV features PDF (1355.6 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 4 Formats of slow-scan TV transmission PDF (2157.0 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 5 List of SSTV modes PDF (64.4 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 6 SSTV equipment PDF (582.1 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 7 Computer operations PDF (580.7 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 8 Ham radio image operations PDF (1784.6 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 9 Introduction to digital slow-scan TV PDF (3312.8 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 10 DSSTV communication systems PDF (1059.4 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 11 Facsimile – Radiofax PDF (4694.5 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 12 List of professional stations PDF (102.2 kB) 2019–Nov–25
Chapter 13 Computer image processing PDF (2421.6 kB) 2019–Nov–25